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When TEAM and TECH come Together

Helping Businesses work Smarter not Harder



TICH builds companies by targeting team and tech synergies. Our goal is to optimize employees' talents by embracing technology.



What We Do

In today’s global business environment, competition is fierce requiring business efficiency. Business transactions occur 24/7 stretching the limits of resources. Creating “do more with less” business environments.


Not only are business “doing more with less”, they require real-time data. Companies need to look forward. Turn the corner from record to report processes. Advance antiquated business cultures to employee empowered tech driven experiences.


TICH starts with building best practices, called nodes. Executed nodes guarantees data accuracy. Providing a solid platform to transform and build companies. Time and money is not wasted due to garbage in garbage out. Nodes increase effectiveness and efficiencies freeing up resources to use elsewhere.


“If you are doing things ineffectively, then software will likely make you more efficient at doing ineffective things.” Faye Business Systems Group


TICH defines how best to use the newly freed resources. Empowering employees to encourage technological advances. Changing cultures to embrace a continuous business platform.

What Others Say

5 / 5

"Gaining control of our accounting and finance processes was a daunting task. Our internal department could not provide answers for analysis and profitability. At the same time, the departments’ hours and requests for resources were growing.
Kelly brought visibility and accuracy to our accounting and finance functions. Her ideas incorporated my vision with the precise alignment of FTE’s and technology interface. For almost 10+ years, we have executed the TICH platform. "

JP Lexas, COO Surety Systems, Inc.


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